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Congratulations! Dr. Gregory L. DeSilva is the recipient of the GME Excellence Award!

March 4, 2024
Photo of Conrad Clemens, MD; Gregory DeSilva, MD; and John Elfar, MD

Photo of Conrad Clemens, MD; Gregory DeSilva, MD; and John Elfar, MD

Dr. DeSilva's recent recognition with the Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education (GME) is a testament to his exceptional efforts in the past year. His commitment to advancing the educational quality of Residents has set him apart as a leader in medical education. Dr. DeSilva's innovative teaching methods, implementation of best practices, and outstanding curricular development have left an indelible mark on the field.

The selection process for this esteemed award focused on the profound impact Dr. DeSilva's work has had in various dimensions. His efforts were recognized for optimizing the quality of education within his program, enhancing GME at the College of Medicine – Tucson, AZ. (COM-T), and contributing significantly to GME in his specialty at the national level. Moreover, Dr. DeSilva's influence extends beyond the confines of his program and specialty, making a notable impact on the advancement of GME on a broader scale.

As a recipient of the Award for Excellence in GME, Dr. DeSilva stands as a beacon of inspiration for his peers and aspiring educators. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical education not only benefits the current generation of Residents but also contributes to the broader evolution of Graduate Medical Education. This accolade acknowledges not only Dr. DeSilva's individual achievements but also underscores the pivotal role educators play in shaping the future of healthcare professionals.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Residents at the University of Arizona express their wholehearted endorsement for Dr. Gregory DeSilva in their letter of recommendation to the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson Faculty Excellence Awards Committee. Dr. DeSilva's exceptional teaching prowess is lauded, with the residents highlighting his unique and enthusiastic approach. They commend his commitment to mentorship, emphasizing his willingness to work with surgery residents early in their training and tailoring his guidance to individual needs.

Beyond his teaching excellence, the residents praise Dr. DeSilva's exemplary humanism-centered service both within and outside the clinical setting. His dedication to community outreach, notably organizing the iCanBike camp for individuals with special needs, reflects his compassionate and selfless nature. Dr. DeSilva's advocacy for social responsibility extends to addressing disparities in healthcare, fostering a culturally competent culture within the program, and actively promoting gender diversity in orthopaedic surgery.

The residents also commend Dr. DeSilva's contributions to clinically relevant and practical research, acknowledging his fearlessness in challenging conventional orthopaedic knowledge. His groundbreaking studies, such as "Antibiotic-impregnated Cement Spacer for Bone Defects of the Forearm and Hand" and "An Update on Simple Elbow Dislocations," showcase his commitment to advancing the field. Overall, the letter underscores Dr. DeSilva's 16-year career at the University of Arizona, portraying him as a genuine academic, transformative educator, and an unwavering source of inspiration for generations of physicians.

"It is my distinct honor and pleasure to wholeheartedly support Dr. Gregory DeSilva for the 2024 Award for Excellence in Graduate Medical Education. Dr. DeSilva embodies an incredible uniqueness and unflinching commitment to education, which has significantly shaped our medical center. In his remarkable 16-year tenure as the leader of our residency program, he has played a pivotal role in training an entire generation of orthopedic surgeons. The impact of his dedication is evident in the fact that the surgeons he has trained constitute the single largest contingent of orthopedists in the state of Arizona from a single program. Their daily contributions to the diverse population of our great state speak volumes about the quality of education provided under Dr. DeSilva's leadership. It is without a doubt that Dr. DeSilva deserves credit for fostering this high level of care and making an enduring mark on the landscape of orthopedic surgery in Arizona." John Elfar, MD