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95% of the med school students who rotate with us go on to apply for residency. So while there's much we could say about what we see as our program strengths, we think it's better if you hear it from the residents themselves.

Mentorship Approach

Because we have no fellows, we have more time to focus on residents. Our residents work one-on-one with each attending surgeon for a period of 3 months. They describe this as an opportunity to gain physicians' trust, which quickly leads to greater decision-making and autonomy. We've also fostered a culture that respects the knowledge that residents have to offer one another.


"We have a culture of resident-to-resident education that gets passed down with each class. Some of my best learning has come from more senior residents."

Brian Richard, MD
Class of 2025

Equity & Support

New residents are surprised to hear others recount, "I had my chief holding the pager when I was an intern so that I could operate," or describe having attendings splinting for them. Residencies have hierarchies, but we're all here to provide great care and ensure great care in the future. For us, that translates to mutual respect and support.


"When I was an intern and on trauma, not only my junior but my chief and seven consults came down and started following me around. They were there to help in any way they could."

Amber Gordon, DO
Class of 2026

Program Breadth & Depth

With six service lines as well as pediatric care, our training covers the full range of surgical and non-operative care: general orthopedics as well as hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, spine, pediatrics, sports medicine and trauma (one of only two Level 1 trauma centers in Southern Arizona). Residents also value increasing opportunities for off-site learning and networking at conferences as they progress through the program.


"I knew for certain after a month that I could be here for five years and leave well prepared to be successful in the future."

Mohammed Abbas, MD
Class of 2025


We've heard from residents that some programs mention their "divorce rate" in interviews as if it were a point of pride. At UArizona, nothing could be further from the truth. As Dane Barton explains, it's not about special policies or perks: "I just think people appreciate that you have other responsibilities."


"Something that's important to me is family support. I think that it's a welcoming place for that. A lot of the attendings have kids, and so I think that makes it a more family-friendly atmosphere."

Dane Barton, MD
Class of 2023

Tight-knit Community

The praise we hear most from residents is how much they value the close bonds in our program, describing their co-residents as people they can trust and lean on. People here look out for each other, whether that's covering someone's entire call schedule when his twins arrived two weeks early or simply volunteering to take an extra shift to give a resident more time with family before an away rotation.


"My wife was pregnant with twins, and she had to have an urgent c-section six weeks before her due date. The morning of her procedure, I texted our program director, residency coordinator and chief resident that she was having the babies so that they would be aware of the situation, and I let them know that I was still happy to cover all of my call responsibilities.

Without even telling me, they reached out to the other residents and had all of my call shifts covered for the rest of the month by the end of the day. We felt so supported during a time of many mixed emotions and were glad to have that 'family' here in Tucson, as neither of us are from Arizona and don't have family in town. "

Brian Richard, MD
Class of 2021

A Great Place to Live & Work

With more than a million residents in the greater metro area and 360+ days of sunshine a year, the City of Tucson supports a robust arts and entertainment calendar, along with great shopping, dining and outdoor recreation — especially biking and hiking, but also skiing in winter and Mexico beaches just four hours away.


"This isn't a 'program' strength, but Tucson is a great place to live!"

Nathan Sherman, MD
Class of 2024

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